Max arrived at Sky Harbor Airport on July 28 and was welcomed by his first Fountain Hills host family and Rotarians
Our 2018-2019 Rotary Youth Exchange student, Max, has arrived from Austria and is ready to begin his year of study and "cultural immersion" in Arizona. We will be co-hosting Max with the noon Rotary club, as we have done with previous exchange students. Club members are encouraged to take Max on a special outing, such as to dinner, or a show, some time during the next 10 months.  Contact one of Max's club representatives if you have any ideas. Bill Beamish is the Local RYE Coordinator, Sandy Davis is the club Youth Exchange Officer and Jim Hill and John Gianotti will be tag-teaming as Max's club counselors. We are helping Max manage his busy personal, school, family, and Rotary calendar, but there is always room for one more outing with you!  Max will be attending our club meetings every month or two during his year in the USA.