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Four Peaks
Rotary Splash Pad at Ftn. Park
17198 E El Lago Blvd
Fountain Hills, AZ
United States of America

Help us place flags around Fountain Park on Memorial Day in honor of our military men and women who gave their lives in service of this nation.  We will have 4 teams of flag placers, each placing approximately 500-700 flags.  Bring a battery powered drill if you have one to help make holes for the flags.  We have the bits and the flags.  There will be a morning setup platoon and and evening teardown platoon.  You can participate in either, or both.  Setup platoon meets at the Rotary Splash Pad at 5:00 AM (it takes about 2 hours to set up the flags). The teardown platoon meets at 7:00 PM at the same Splash Pad location.  Please sign up by clicking the tab at left, so we know how many volunteers we have to work with.