July brings in New Leadership (Transition) Month. Welcome to the new Rotary year and our theme "Create Hope in the World."
Todd Harris turns the Rotary Bell and Gavel to our 26th Club President, Julie Ewald, who looks forward to supporting the mission and vision of Rotary International incoming president Gordon McInally theme focusing on Peace, Mental Health, Empowering Girls and building upon prior years. 
Create Hope in the World.  How do you create hope in our club?  What great service projects will be completed in our community or in the world?  What new members will be attracted to join our efforts? What lives will be impacted and changed forever because of our work?  
Julie and our leadership team will Create Hope in the World with the center of attention to Be Better People, 1% each day (BBP1%) encompassing Health, Opportunities, Peace and Engagement.  Julie commented at our recent In/Out celebration "Coming off our Imagine Rotary year if we all approach this coming year to Be Better People 1% per for 365 days, truly imagine if we consciously spread hope by BBP1% throughout our communities and the world what we can do!  I light a candle, you light a candle and 1.4 million Rotarians light a candle of hope, we can light up the world the Rotary Way!"  The Rotary Way, Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.
Cheers to our club and all 46,000+ Rotary Clubs around the world for a successful year!