The Four Peaks Club and Foundation have awarded more than $18,000 in the past two months. To learn about these grants and the organizations they benefit, click "read more."
The Four Peaks Rotary Foundation awarded $9500 to four area organizations
during a virtual meeting on September 10
Ginny Paulsen, founder of Foster Your Future, accepted a $5,000 donation from the foundation. Foster Your Future is an Arizona-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support programs for homeless and young adults who have aged out of the foster care program and are interested in continuing their education or training to learn a vocation. The donation will help provide program participants with housing, food, transportation and support.
Michelle Jameson, executive director of U.S. VETS, accepted a $3,000 donation. U.S. VETS provides transitional and permanent housing to approximately 1,200 veterans annually in the Phoenix area. “COVID has turned our world upside down but I’m very proud that we’ve continued to serve our veterans,” she said. A portion of the Four Peaks Rotary donation will be used to provide personal protective equipment PPE) to help protect program participants from the coronavirus.
Mark Jordan, CEO of Bob’s Free Bikes, accepted a $1,000 donation. Bob’s Bikes, located in the Fountain Hills EVIT facility, fixes donated bicycles and gives them to children under the age of 18. Jordan said the organization has fixed and donated more than 1,800 bikes during their four years of operation.
Gianna Wilson, dance and cheer coach for the Fountain Hills United School District, accepted a $500 donation. Wilson said the funds will be used to purchase costumes for the students.
The Four Peaks Rotary Foundation awarded $9,000 to two organizations
during a virtual meeting on September 24
Paul Plumb, of Casa Esperanza Para Ninos, accepted a $5,000 donation. He said the orphanage in Mexico is learning to operate under its own administration and that COVID gave them "an opportunity to test the system. We had a few difficulties," he said, "but things are going well." Half of the staff and half of the children contracted the virus; however, only one teacher had serious complications. Recent accomplishments include the finalization of 15 adoptions (with three additional in the pipeline) and obtaining Mexico's equivalent of a 501C3 tax exempt status. Paul can be reached at 520-456-5530 or by email at
Dena Kidd, of Junior Achievement Arizona, accepted a $4,000 donation. She said COVID halted all in-person programming in mid-March so they've transitioned all curriculum to online which will continue for the rest of 2020. "We are committed to serving the kids where they are learning," she said, citing multiple delivery systems including Instagram Live, Zoom and WebX. At the time of this newsletter, JAAZ was working with 100 schools, with 3,300 students signed up so far. "We are on track to reach 50,000 to 60,000 students in Arizona," she said. "Going virtual will help us reach more kids." Dena can be reached by email at