July 2023, Volume 1, Issue 1

President's Message
Hello fellow Four Peaks Rotarians.
I am delighted to accept the role as 26th President of this terrific volunteer organization in the beautiful town of Fountain Hills.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve.
As mentioned over the last year, I am grateful and honored to be a member of this club, and to be able to participate alongside you all.  I do feel we are a family with diverse backgrounds and interests that come together to make good things happen for others.  The opportunity to be part of something bigger than oneself is not only rewarding when we help others, but also a wonderful feeling to give back in ways sometime unimaginable.
As a fellow volunteer it is my goal to continue on with past traditions of this club and create possible new traditions.  Rotary is about “Service Above Self” and we all ourselves “People of Action” for great reason.  I think most Rotarians believe that happiness is merely a byproduct of usefulness. 
A great thank you to the board, chairs and volunteers in our numerous committees, I am excited about our new Rotary year and I look forward to making deeper and new friendships.  Let us all have fun as we set out to P.A.R.T.Y II. (Participate to Accomplish our Goals Together, Yes, we can.)
In Memoriam
Happy New Year Rotarians, 2023-2024 Create Hope in the World! 
July brings in New Leadership (Transition) Month. Welcome to the new Rotary year and our theme "Create Hope in the World."
Todd Harris turns the Rotary Bell and Gavel to our 26th Club President, Julie Ewald, who looks forward to supporting the mission and vision of Rotary International incoming president Gordon McInally theme focusing on Peace, Mental Health, Empowering Girls and building upon prior years. 
Four Peaks Rotary Committees Report
The Four Peaks Rotary Committees have evolved over the past 25 years.  As we begin our 26th year many members are part of a Committee.  If you are not part of a current Committee we encourage you to partake with one of the following Club Committees: Public Relations, Administration, Service Projects and the Foundation.  Respective Sub-Committee include Program & Hospitality, Social and Fundraising.
Our members are the nucleolus of a our successful club. Join and enjoy.  To participate on a Committee, visit our club website on the About Us - Club Officers & Committees Tab. 
Four Peaks Rotary Foundation News
Foundation President Elected! Congratulations to John Gianotti 
The Four Peaks Rotary Foundation held their recent Board Meeting on June 10, 2023 hosted by Tim Taylor, Foundation Treasurer.  The Board held their election for the 2023-2024 Foundation President and is pleased to announce Rotarian John Gianotti was named as the new Foundation president replacing the position held by Gil Miller the past three years. Other officers and members on the Foundation Board are Tim Taylor, Treasurer and Sue Hendershott, Secretary, Linda Dasher, Sandy Davis, Bob Jacbious and Grady Miller as directors.
The Foundation report will be provided at the August 31st Business Meeting and reported in the next club newsletter. 
For questions regarding the foundation, Contact John Gianotti, Foundation President

Bob's Free Bikes Awarded $4,000

Lady Sue Hendershott, Foundation representative and Paul Perreault, Sponsor Champion presented our first Grant Award check of the Foundation Giving Year to Bob's Free Bikes in the amount of $4000.
Bob's Free Bikes started in 2016 with an idea in a garage located Fountain Hills, AZ.  By August of that year, the idea had gelled into a 501C3 nonprofit organization.

For the first full year of operation, 2017, Bob's gave 110 bikes to children and quickly outgrew the garage. For 2020, 710 bikes found new homes.  By year end 2021, the total jumped to 800 bikes.  And for 2022, Bob's Free Bikes in on target for 1000 bikes being placed with smiling children.

For more information visit there website:  https://www.bobsfreebikes.org/

Youth Programs
Four Peaks Youth programs active again! 
This is wonderful news to have our FPR Youth programs back. During Julie Ewald President-Elect term it was to prioritize our club Youth Programs after the passing of friend and Rotarian Bill Beamish in 2021.  The first Youth program endeavor of President Ewald was to refresh our sponsored  Interact Club. President Ewald lead the way to modify the club name and status of our school-based Gift Hands Home School Interact to a community-based club, new name the Fountain Hills Community Interact Club; co-sponsored with the Fountain Hills Rotary.   Ewald stated, “transforming our Interact club to a Community club will now provide vast world-wide opportunities for our community youth".  Interact membership is for ages 12-18 years. 
Pinerock, Prescott, Arizona - January 12-15, 2024 (only date for 2024)
Be a Leader:  RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) will be open for registration starting August 1, 2023. This coming year, only one date sponsored opportunity will be available for High School students to participate will be available.  Please contact Julie Ewald or a member of the Youth Committee with questions.  A formal club email announcement will be sent soon. 


More to come on our sponsored GSU Rotaract and Rotary Youth Exchange.
Look for future updates from our Youth Committee by visiting our club website, Youth Tab.
Our Area of Focus
Gordon R. McInally, 2023-2024 Rotary International President
Gordon joined Rotary in 1984 at age 26.  A member of the Rotary Club of South Queensferry, he has served as president and vice president of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland. He has also served RI as a director and on several committees, most recently as an adviser to the 2022 Houston Convention Committee and chair of the Operations Review Committee.
Gordon says he looks forward to working with members to build new Rotary clubs and groups. "My vision is that Rotary should exist everywhere in a style to suit everyone who has the desire to be part of us and to help us do good in the world," he says.
What is happening in District 5495 and at Rotary International
Kevin Pitts, 2023-2024 District 5495 Governor
Kevin joined the Rotary Club of Prescott in 2005 and has been an active member since, both at the club and district levels. He served as president of the club in 2007-08 and in 2018-19. His experience living in Mexico gives him ties to that country and he has followed that passion, serving as international service chair for his club and as the co-chair of the Mexico-USA Friendship Conference and Global Grants Exchange. He also has an interest and background in teaching and has served as District Rotary Leadership Institute Coordinator, as well as a PETS facilitator.  We are looking to hosting his visit to the Club in September. 
For information at our District 5495, visit their website here. 
Meet your Rotarian

New Rotarian Members, The Editor and President

Four Peaks Rotarians welcomed Jim Grahlmann
into membership at their June 22nd meeting.  Jim is retired after a
prolific career that included administrative duties at Coca-Cola,
ConAgra Foods, and Remington Arms. Most recently, he was
VP of Production Operations for Leprino Foods Company in Denver,
the world's largest mozzarella company. Jim and his wife, Nancy,
live in Fountain Hills. Welcome, Jim!
Four Peaks Rotarians welcomed Tom Lindsey
into membership at their July 13th meeting.
Tom is a retired educator who is also actively
involved with the local Toastmasters organization.
Tom and his wife, Jan, live in Fountain Hills.
Welcome, Tom!
Frank Robinson, Member Since March 30, 2023
Q: Tell us about your work experiences before joining FP Rotary.
A: I was with Discover Financial Services for 36 yrs before retiring in 2021. I traveled internationally creating network partnerships with banks all over the world.
Q: Why did you join Rotary?
A: I really wanted to share my time and experiences to make a difference to those in my community
Q: What is your favorite Rotary moment?
A: Receiving my name badge! Actually getting to know my club members and serving.
Q: Share with us on thing that the club members might not know about you,
A: I helped my wife start her glass art business -Desert Sand Glass Art. I do wood and metal to support her glass art. Soon I’ll be her web site designer.
Julie Ewald, Member Since September 22, 2022
Honorary Member 2021
Q: Tell us about your work experiences before joining FP Rotary.
A: Over the years I held
vast roles of project management and administration within commercial and residential construction, electrical manufacturing, promotional products to healthcare and education.
Q: Why did you join Rotary?
A:  Rotary is one fulfillment of both my late father and late husband and has been part of my life for over 40 years. I was always happy to serve clubs in any capacity. Joining FPR was the next step in my life journey and I'm looking forward as to where Rotary will take me in years ahead.
Q: What is your favorite Rotary moment?
A:  I have several favorites. First, becoming an Honorary member of the FPR club. Also, during that event awarding Past President Scott Sommer the Presidential "Gold Chain of Service Above Self."  The Gold Chain represents  extraordinary humanitarian recognition which Past-President Jeff Poynter initiated for the club.
Q: Share with us on thing that the club members might not know about you.
A:  I am a passionate advocate for education in any capacity; learning or teaching while living the Four Way Test in all things I think, say or do. 
Also, in my younger days I was a fairly good golfer and won many ladies golf tournaments. Including, beating a few good men on the course when put to a challenge! 
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Meeting Speakers

Joe Bill, President of International Dark Sky Discovery Center

On June 27th Joe Bill presented to the club.  Joe's life-long appreciation of the wonders of the nighttime universe began when he received his very first telescope in sixth grade. Those nights in his backyard in Wisconsin eventually morphed into attending adult astronomy camps, which really accelerated his desire to preserve the beautiful skies environment, particularly those above his home of Fountain Hills.

Joe helped form the Fountain Hills Dark Sky Association, which was the leading force in helping the town earn its prestigious designation as the world’s 17th International Dark Sky Community.  As president of the International Dark Sky Discovery Center (IDSDC) he is working tirelessly to fund and build IDSDC, which won’t be merely a “Fountain Hills attraction,” but an international attraction in Fountain Hills that will benefit the entire state of Arizona.

Viree Byrne and Tom Aiello from the FH Crisis Response Team

Viree Byrne and Tom Aiello from the Crisis Response Team spoke to Four Peaks Rotarians about the volunteer work they do on behalf of Fountain Hills residents at the club's regularly scheduled meeting on July 13.
Tom said they work in conjunction with the fire department to respond to crisis situations, such as suicide, domestic violence, traffic accidents, home fires and other crisis situations.
Viree urged members to "make sure you have a plan in place so loved ones know what to do if the unexpected happens."
Those interested in volunteering for the Crisis Response Team should complete a Town Volunteer Application and send to Kim Wickland at kwickland@fountainhillsaz.gov.
News and Recognition

Fountain Hills High School Paint Project Field Trip

Dr. Cain Jagodzinski, Superintendent and Rotarian provided a  walk-through campus tour for the Four Peaks Rotary members of the new Middle School hallways and classrooms. As well as, visiting the new library and state-of-the-art technology center.  Cain stated all will be ready to go for the middle school students when school begins first week of August.  
Food for thought

President Club Theme

"Be Better People 1% a day" (BBP - 1%)

The idea of striving for a 1% daily improvement emphasizes the importance of small, manageable steps towards long-term goals. By focusing on consistent progress rather than immediate leaps, we build sustainable habits and cultivate resilience. This approach allows us to tackle challenges more effectively and overcome obstacles gradually.
In the realm of personal development, making incremental improvements can enhance our skills, knowledge, and well-being. Devoting a small fraction of our day to learning a new language, reading educational material, or engaging in physical exercise can yield significant results over time. By nurturing positive habits, we create a virtuous cycle of growth and self-improvement.
In the professional arena, the 1% improvement philosophy can foster innovation, productivity, and career advancement. Continuously honing our skills, seeking feedback, and exploring new strategies can lead to enhanced job performance and increased job satisfaction. Furthermore, small improvements in communication, time management, and problem-solving can accumulate to make a substantial difference in our professional lives.
Don’t stop with professional development, try 1% improvement in your personal live. Spend a little more time on the phone with a friend or step out of your comfort zone. You will feel the difference.
One more thing
Do you know a little history on the Four Peaks Rotary Club.......
The Rotary Club of Four Peaks, in Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA is a not for profit 501 (c) (4) international organization made up of active, civic-minded individuals who want to help make a difference in our community and the world. 
The Rotary Club of Four Peaks, was Charted in April of 1997, sponsored by The Fountain Hills Rotary Club and is governed by a Constitution, Bylaws and Policy and Procedure Manual.
Rotary's guiding principles include the Four-Way Test (Truth, Fairness, Goodwill and Friendship). 
Other principals involve Rotary's commitment to Service above Self, which is channeled through:  Five Avenues of ServiceClub, Vocational, Community, International and New Generations and the Seven Focus Areas: Basic Education & Literacy, Maternal & Child Health, Peace & Conflict Prevention/Resolution, Disease Prevention & Treatment, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Community & Economic Development, and Supporting the Environment.
Rotary's second motto, “One profits most who serves best” is a good guideline for our daily lives, from the way we encourage our children to respect and love their elders to our business and personal relationships. This mantra further dignifies our way of life when we adapt truth, respect, and professionalism in everything we do as it defines our character and persona.
Upcoming Events
Summer Nights Car Show
16852 E Parkview Ave
Aug 04, 2023
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Board of Directors Meeting
Aug 09, 2023
5:00 PM - 7:15 PM
Club Member Meeting
Aug 10, 2023 6:45 AM
Club Member Meeting
Fountain Hills Community Center
Aug 24, 2023 6:45 AM
Board of Directors Meeting
Sep 13, 2023
5:00 PM - 7:15 PM
Club Member Meeting
Sep 14, 2023 6:45 AM
Club Member Meeting
Fountain Hills Community Center
Sep 28, 2023 6:45 AM
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Scott Schlossberg
July 9
Isabelle Roethe
July 21
Pam Carlson
August 4
Jerry Holtzman
August 18
Tony Finocchio
August 19
Spouse Birthdays
Darlene Gianotti
July 17
Patrick Benkowski
Linda Benkowski
July 7
Paul Perreault
Gena Perreault
July 7
Tim Taylor
Ann Taylor
July 24
Dick Bauer
Judy Bauer
July 30
Pam Carlson
Tom Carlson
August 9
Join Date
Jay Schlum
July 26, 2012
11 years
Robin Brand
August 24, 2017
6 years
OUR MISSION:  Helping to keep Fountain Hills and other areas of service strong and vibrant through our commitment to “Service Above Self” as well as supporting all the beliefs and philosophies of Rotary International.
 OUR VISION:  The Four Peaks Rotary Club is a successful and valued member of the community, focused on contributing to the communities it serves and maintaining itself as a financially and membership sustainable service organization that exemplifies Rotary’s core value of “Service Above Self”.

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