On June 10, 2023 Four Peaks Rotary members induct the 2023-2024 Officers and Directors at annual In & Out Ceremony.  The new year begins July 1, 2023. (Pictured left to right, Jeff Stack, President-Elect, Isabelle Roethe, Treasurer, Robin Brand, Secretary, Pic in Pic, Joe Cardona, Vice-President, Julie Ewald, President, Art Tolis, Director, Jerry Holtzman, Director, Greg Golucci, Director, Todd Harris, Past-President).  Congratulations to the new Board, they have an exciting year planned ahead. 
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
Vice President
Immediate Past President
Rotary Foundation
Communications and Public Relations
Club Administration
Administration Committee
Chair: Julie Ewald
Members:  Jeff Stack, Joe Cardona, Isabelle Roethe, Jack Reynolds, Steve Fox, Tim Taylor, Paul Perrault, Todd Harris, 
  • Giving Sub-committee: TBD
  • Nominations Sub-committee:  Jeff Stack
  • Club Liaison Sub-committee: Todd Harris
  • Club Fundraising Sub-committee:  Joe Cardona
  • Sanitation / Trash:  Jack Reynolds/Steve Gox
  • Festivals Sub-committee: Jeff Stack
  • Webmaster:  Isabelle Roethe
Membership Committee
Chair:  Todd Harris, Past-President
Members:  Scott Schlossberg, Past-President, Debbie Clason
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Public Relations/Image Committee
Chair:  Debbie Clason
Co-Chairs:  Julie Ewald, Todd Harris, Past-President, Bart Shea, Dave DeLucia, Sandy Davis, Frank Robinson, Isabelle Roethe
  • Image Sub-committee: Julie Ewald
  • Social Engagement Sub-committee:  Sandy Davis, Robin Brand, Julie Ewald, Todd Harris
  • Thanksgiving Day Parade Sub-committee:  Bart Shea
  • Memorial Day Display Sub-committee:  Dave DeLucia
  • FH Community Center Activities and Volunteer Expo: Julie Ewald/Harris
  • Webmaster Isabelle Roethe
Service Projects Committee
Co-Chairs:  Jerry Holtzman, Jeff Stack, Julie Ewald, Sandy Davis, Dick Bauer, Past-President
  • Community:  Jeff Stack, Jerry Holtzman
  • International:  Dick Bauer, Past-President
  • Youth:  Sandy Davis, Julie Ewald
  • Health & Wellbeing:  Art Tolis, Past-President
Youth Committee
Chair:  Sandy Davis, Julie Ewald
Members:  Manola Tounalom, Paul Janis, Tom Lindsay, Dick Bauer, Past-President
  • Interact:   Julie Ewald, Sandy Davis, Michelle Lambert (Student Advisor)
  • Rotaract:  (GSU & ASU)
  • RYLA and Jr. RYLA:  Julie Ewald, Sandy Davis
  • Youth Exchange:  Dick Bauer, Past-President, Manola Tounalom
Program Committee
Chair:  Julie Ewald
Co-Charis:  Jeff Stack, President-Elect, Todd Harris, Past-President
Sargent-At-Arms:  Paul Perreault
RotaryMaster Lead: Paul Perreault
Hospitality:  Sandy Davis, Pam Carlson, Robin Brand
  • Speaker Conscription Sub-committee
  • Program, Audio/Visual, Banners, Hospitality
Foundation/Grants, Paul Harris  & Giving Sub-Committee
Chair: Julie Ewald
Co-Chairs Past-Presidents:  Roger Riggert, Todd Harris, Members:  Paul Perreault, Sue Hendershott, Tim Taylor, Joe Cardona, Frank Robinson
  • Golf Tournament Sub-committee:   Joe Cardona
  • Flutter in the Fountain Chili Cook-Off:  Tim Taylor, Sandy Davis
  • Octoberfest Pretzel:  Paul Perreault
  • Grant Sub-committee:  TBD
  • R.I. Foundation Liaison:   Roger Riggert, Paul Perreault, Todd Harris
*The members are the nucleus and core of two different, but affiliated, Rotary organizations – the Four Peaks Rotary Club and the Four Peaks Rotary Foundation. Both organizations work concurrently to endeavor to attain the goals and objectives of each organization and fulfill the mission of Rotary International.
2023-2024 New Committee: 
Create Hope in the World
Health, Wellness and Well-Being Committee
Chair:  Art Tolis, Past-President, Director
Members:  Isabelle Roethe, Debbie Clason, Jerry Holtzman, Julie Ewald
Rotary Mental Health Initiatives Action Group click here
If you are interested in participating on this Committee, contact Julie Ewald directly. 
Contact Us
Four Peaks Rotary
PO Box 18111
Fountain Hills, AZ  85269
United States of America
Julie Ewald
President 2023-24
 : (708) 267-5266
Todd Harris
Past-President 2022-23
 : (847) 404-9701
Jeff Stack
President-Elect 2024-25
              Public Relations