The Four Peaks Foundation awarded $3500 in October and November. 
The Four Peaks Rotary Foundation awarded $3500 to three organizations
Frank Irr, director of Mission Advancement and Stewardship for Overture International, accepted a grant of $2,000 at the October 8 meeting to aide Overture's focus on strengthening Haitian families so they can raise their own children. Overture is currently working with the Haiti government to shut down the country's more than 750 orphanages and return the children to their parents. Irr said the more unscrupulous orphanages often use the structure for trafficking. Overture programs provide training, coaching and mentoring skills to parents along with nutritional support, such as gardening and animals.
Vickie Besekei, founder of Verde Cares, accepted a grant for $1,000 at the October 8 meeting. Verde Cares, which Vickie founded in 2010, offers non-medical services to residents of the lower Verde Valley. Their services include nurse wellness visits, medical transportation, meal program, a medical lending closet, and educational sharing groups for those with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
Dennis Haberer from the Rotary Vocational Fund accepted a $500 donation at the November 5 meeting. Haberer said the Fund is 99% funded by Rotarians; however they accept donations from anyone. Last year the Fund served 94 individuals with their educational needs. Recipients included needy moms with multiple dependents as well as young people who are trying to restart their careers. Dennis encouraged members to consider redirecting state tax dollars to Rotary Vocational Fund. More information along with success stories are available on the website:  Mailing address: P.O. Box 14412, Scottsdale 85267.